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  • Constructed of 1.5 mm thick chloroprene rubber for proven durability.

  • 3 different sizes; 400mm, 600mm & 1000mm wide. Both 1200mm long.

  • Superior surface protection compared to other plumber tool mats.

  • 100% waterproof

  • Heat resistant mat -20 to 120 degrees

  • Light weight

  • Protects your knees

  • Easy to clean

  • Unique carry strap - mat rolls up securely

  • Compact design for storage

  • Flexible rubber mat conforms to all types of surfaces.  

  • The only portable work mats with carry strap available.

  • The only floor protection mat which rolls out flat without curling back up.

  • Ideal gift for tradesmen, apprentices, handymen or even dad!

Quite simply it is a portable rubber mat. When working in kitchens, bathrooms and expensive areas, this mat is needed for surface protection. Placing your sharp or hot tools, glues, paints etc on the mat can save you from costly repairs to the client’s property. Show you care by laying out this protective rubber mat before starting work. Provide professional protection that client's truly appreciate.

The unique carry strap has 2 velcro wrap arounds, keeping the work mat in a rolled up configuration.

Step 1. Hold the two velcro ends and with a flick out of the wrist, it unrolls on the floor remaining flat every time!

Step 2. Roll back up tightly, tapping the ends for even alignment. Then wrap the velcro straps around to secure.

It’s light weight to carry on your shoulder and your hands are free to carry your tools.

Tradies, there’s no excuse not to carry one!

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"Our clients are very appreciative not only of the fact that it serves a great purpose, but it also looks very professional. The Tidy Tradie range has proven to be a really simple and inexpensive way of giving our clients that "little something extra". Setting us apart from the rest".


Nik Treharne - Sydney, NSW



The Tidy Tradie - A great product, well worth the money to keep finished surfaces scratch free when laying down tools and hardware.

I highly recommend this well thought out product to builders and tradesmen.


Scott Reidy

Sydney, NSW



Since getting my mat, it has become one of the most versatile and useful 'tools' for me. I call it tool, because it's became one of my tools.

The successful completion of a professional or handyman job is most likely if appropriate and good quality tools are used. Using the Mat I feel like working in a workshop. I don't need to worry as much as before for the delicate surrounding, I can concentrate on the job.The mat made my work much simpler. It's really handy, easy to use, and cheap.

I highly recommend it.


Andras Soos

Sydney, NSW

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Our Work Mats are proudly made in Sydney, Australia.

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